Basic Office Procedures


A general overview is given to assist colon hydrotherapists who may not only be going on to become employees but possible business owners as well. Suggestions are given regarding economic ways to start and maintain a business as well as introduction to a more in depth computerized system. Areas covered include, but not limited to, proposed dialogues between the therapist and clients (as well as potential clients), appointment setting, client documentation, financial records, accounting verification systems, inventory control, vendor list, and marketing techniques just to name a few.

The dialogues mentioned entail a couple of things. Not only will the student participate in two 15 minute presentations answering What is Colon Hydrotherapy and How to Greet a client, students will engage in case studies that will present possible scenarios they may face in the clinical setting. Before the end of the course, a one-on-one conference between the student and instructor will occur whereby the instructor will give the student different health histories that the student will need to determine the best course of action for the client. It is far better to face different case scenarios in a “safe” setting!