Weight Loss Programs

There are many claims out there today as to how much the fecal waste in the colon weighs; so, it then stands to reason that if you have ‘so many’ colonics, then you could be skinny too! The rumors on how much John Wayne’s colon weighed on autopsy range from 40 to 65 pounds and up—but only his physician and those that read his actual autopsy report know for sure. So, please understand that many of these claims are personal testimonies and may or may not mimic another’s personal experience. However, it is safe to say that with a colon hydrotherapy regimen to eliminate built up waste, along with exercise, adequate water intake and a proper diet, weight loss may result. One thing is for sure though, better health from the elimination of toxins can be expected.

Speaking of proper diet…of course it is always best to speak with your physician for medical clearance prior to starting any aggressive diet change or exercise routine. We have a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and Certified Natural Health Professional on staff that would be happy to meet with you regarding any individual concerns.

One recommendation for healthy eating—whether it is for weight loss, weight gain or maintenance, is the Fiber 35 Diet by Dr. Brenda Watson with Advanced Naturals. We have literature and products available and are eager to discuss your goals.