Common Concerns and FAQ's

Will laxatives or enemas achieve the same results as colon hydrotherapy?

The colon is approximately five to six feet long. To clean out the lower part of the colon, enemas will suffice. But, that leaves about four feet of colon! Laxatives interfere with other digestive processes higher up in the Alimentary Tract and are not only irritants to the body, but the colon can become rather dependant upon them; when used, a thin, watery substance is produced that goes through the colon leaving behind impacted toxins and waste.

What makes Colon Hydrotherapy different?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle infusion of filtered, temperature-controlled water into the colon that facilitates the breaking up of impacted toxins and waste. With an experienced therapist, more toxins and waste can be evacuated by stimulating pressure points and encouraging breathing and relaxant techniques as well as individual diet modifications as needed.

Are the rectal tubes used repeatedly?

Absolutely not! Each tube is a sterile, single-use tube that remains sealed until the client is in the room.

What is the difference between an open and closed system?

We have two Open-systems (LIBBE, and one Closed-system (a HydroSans). In the open-system, the client is in control! Lying on your back there is an opening in the table at the buttocks and upper thighs; you are draped to maintain dignity and privacy. You will insert a pencil-size tube in the rectum which will deliver the irrigant. After holding as much water as long as possible, simply release the water and waste which goes in the opening and down the plumbing! With the closed system, the therapist is in control. There is a speculum that is inserted in the rectum; a smaller tube is attached to that where the water is instilled by a trained therapist. When you feel “full,” the therapist will then begin the emptying phase where all the waste is eliminated through the speculum.

Is the water filtered?

Yes. The water used goes through a double filtration system, a charcoal filter and ultraviolet purification unit. These filters are checked for proper use with each client and maintained according to strict guidelines with regular, scheduled replacement.

Are there any additives used in the water irrigation?

No, there are no additives

What about water dehydration?

In addition to the normal amount of absorption taking place in the colon, the body absorbs extra water at a rate the body sets. Unlike laxatives, the colon’s purpose is to absorb water and to shape and form stool. The colonic will help the colon to absorb water.

As a female, should I not have a colonic during my menses?

Definitely! That is the body’s normal time for cleansing. It may also help to decrease the dreaded cramping as well. If a tampon is used, simply remove it before your session since it may inadvertently fall out when eliminating the water and waste during your session.

Do I have to have someone in the room with me? Isn’t it embarrassing?

Though we endorse a colon hydrotherapist being with you to provide the best session, on the open-system you can have time alone once you understand the process of “holding and pushing” the water. At all times, your dignity is always maintained and your privacy respected. Also, the FDA Registered Colon Hydrotherapy device contains a fan that pulls any odor right down the drain…so there is no odor!

Will I be with a student who is just learning?

No. Our clients are scheduled with trained, experienced therapists only, not students.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, it is recommended. Though sometimes we can manage walk-ins, it is not always possible.

Is it painful?

There should be no pain involved, only a slight discomfort like gas or constipation as the impacted colon contracts to eliminate. After this, sessions can be quite relaxing.

By removing toxic waste from the colon, will my body be free of toxins?

No. Toxins are stored everywhere! When they aren’t eliminated through the colon, liver, kidneys, perspiration or lungs, they are stored in fat cells, joints, muscles, arteries, and other organs.

Why is Colon Hydrotherapy so important if the lungs, liver, kidney and skin eliminate toxins?

By eliminating the toxins during the colonic, the colon is soothed resulting in a better tone of the colon aiding in a more efficient elimination; therefore, stress is taken off the other organs.

How can I tell if my bowel is healthy and functioning properly?

A good sign is when the urge to defecate is followed by a quick, painless bowel movement that leaves a “complete” feeling. The stool will appear medium to light brown breaking up in water and have very little odor. Also, after wiping, the toilet paper should be clean, not pastey.

How long is each session?

One hour is allotted for each session. Before your first session, a brief health history needs to be filled out and reviewed by the Colon Hydrotherapist, unless it has already been submitted online; so please allow extra time accordingly. If you require more time in the bathroom getting undressed or ready for your session, you should plan on arriving earlier as needed. Also, for people with special needs that may require additional assistance in getting on the colonic table, for example individuals that are paralyzed, please let the staff know when scheduling your appointment as clients are scheduled on the hour.

Can I become addicted to Colon Hydrotherapy?

Although we encourage packages, we do not encourage colonics to be used as a purge for ill eating habits, or alcohol/drug abuse. If you are receiving many colonics during a cleansing period in your life, you will not become addicted. You may need more for a specific time period only before reducing to an as-needed, maintenance regime only. Your therapist will assist you in reaching your goal and determining the desired amount of sessions.

By the way…just another way to show we care about you, We make our own organic essential oils for aroma-touch therapy using Do-Terra Essential Oils.