About Us

The beginnings of Las Vegas Colon Hydrotherapy School and Clinic and
Colonics By Anna Bella

Donna began her experience with colonics out of necessity and desperation. After years of physical suffering with unsatisfactory results from traditional medical remedies for chronic constipation, Donna discovered colonics as a healthy and natural way to treat her problem. Her own life-changing experience fueled her desire to help others with similar problems and frustrations with the lack of effective treatment for such a common problem among both men and women, and she became an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydro-therapist. She continued her own training and became a Certified Instructor, teaching in her own Post Secondary Education School. Donna is licensed by the State of Nevada.

After working for years as a colon hydro-therapist, she had the opportunity to open her own colonic clinic and Las Vegas Colon Hydrotherapy School and Clinic was born, and a few years later, Colonics By Anna Bella. Opening the school and clinics allowed Donna to reach and educate more people about the health benefits of colon hydrotherapy. Her integrity, work ethic and genuine caring about people have been a big part of what makes our motto “Not all colonics are created equal” not just saying, but something we put into practice at Las Vegas Colon Hydro-therapy School and Clinic and Colonics By Anna Bella.

Our Staff

Las Vegas Colon Hydrotherapy Professional Team

Donna DeCarolis

Director of Operations and Instructor
( 25 Years Exp. )

Donna has been a Colon Hydrotherapist for more than 20 years and has owned “Las Vegas Colon Hydrotherapy School and Clinic” since 2007 and “Colonics by Anna Bella” since 2012. Donna, as Director of Operations for both locations, is committed to ensuring every client has a comfortable, relaxing, and positive experience at both locations.

Abby Calzadilla

Assistant to the Director of Operations
( 12 Years Exp. )

Abby is Assistant to the Director of Operations & Senior Therapist with 12 years’ experience being a Colon Hydrotherapist. Abby’s professional manner and gentle touch ensures clients are happy and satisfied with their treatments.

Toby Hyman

Front Desk
( 3 Years Exp. )

Toby has spent many years as a client of Colon Hydrotherapy and touts the benefits of regular treatments. Toby works the front desk at LVCH a couple of days a week and enjoys meeting and scheduling clients for their appointments.


Korean Body Scrub
( 2 Years Exp. )

Sophia provides Foot Baths, Korean Body Scrub, and Aroma Touch at both locations.

Karla Mora

( 10 Years Exp. )

I have my degree in Mexico through alternative medicine as a Science Quirophysical for the past 15 years. This modality encompasses Chiropractic, Clinical Massage and rehabilitation therapy. In 2008 I became a colon Hydro therapist. My specialty includes intuitive application with the body as a whole. My goal is to serve my clients to the fullest.

Sandra Luz Vargas Aguirre

Therapist and Instructor
( 13 Years Exp. )

Sandra is one of our colon hydro-therapists who works at both of our locations. Sandra has been a colon hydro-therapist for 13 years and has achieved the Advanced Level and Instructor Level with I-ACT. Sandra’s educational background in Social Work helps her to provides each client with caring, knowledgeable and professional service . She keeps her body healthy and strong with kick-boxing work-outs, healthy eating habits and natural therapies such as colonics. She is happy to share her extensive knowledge and interest in nutrition and healthy living with others in English and in Spanish!